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Arrows we have lost

Dale Farmer

Dale Farmer

Dale Passed on August 26,2015. Dale was a member of our club in the early 90's. He was an avid hunter and outdoorsman. Dale was well liked in our club. He was 67 and lived in Tuscola

Frank Mereno

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Jake Bentley

Jake Bentley was one of our club’s founders. He was an Abilene High School basketball coach in the 1940s and 50s. He worked for West Texas Utilities after retiring from coaching. Jake made his own bows and arrows and loved hunting with them Many people in the Abilene area still own a Jake Bentley bow. Jake was the “straw boss” in planning and supervising the land used by the Texas Field Archery Association State Tournament that was held once a year for 15 or more years on the land that we now enjoy. When the T.F.A.A. pulled out of Abilene, Jake was one of the guys that convinced the City of Abilene to let the newly formed Abilene Bowhunters Association keep leasing the property. Jake helped put in the roads and trails and installed the old wood benches all over our range.

Mike Kilpatrick

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A.T. Oliver

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Don Williams

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