Abilene Bowhunters association

Considering Archery?

Before you rush to the store to buy something to get into archery, there  are some questions you should ask yourself or someone not in the business of selling archery equipment. This will help you not have “Buyers Remorse” after getting home and wondering, “what have I done?”
What do I want to do with a bow and arrow? Target shoot, (bullseye targets or 3-D targets), or do I want to hunt with my bow?
Do I want a compound bow or a traditional bow? Do I want to be deadly accurate as soon as possible? If so, a compound bow will be your best bet. Or do I want to learn the art and sense of accomplishment of traditional archery?
Do I want a bow that I can change the draw weight on as I get stronger or weaker? Some compound bows let you do that with an adjustment of the bow. Traditional bows get harder the farther you pull the bowstring but some have exchangeable limbs to make them stronger or weaker.
Here is a link that will take you to a series of videos about getting started with archery. I don’t know the guy in the videos, plus our club, at this time, doesn’t provide any rental or “try before you buy” equipment.
  Our club has no designated archery instructor, but some of our officers will be glad to meet with you and help in any way. Some of us have a variety of bows that you can look at and possibly shoot. Plus we can set up a time to meet with you at our range to do some shooting. I, Ron Ferguson, am a level 1 N.A.S.P. instructor and probably have the most spare time to visit with you. Call or text me at 325-669-8788. We also have a Facebook Page, Abilene Bowhunters Association and you can message me by commenting on the page.  
After you get to the bow shop ask them:
Do I need a right or left handed bow? Have them determine your dominant eye. Right eye dominant = right handed bow.
What is my draw length?
What draw weight can I pull and hold for at least 5 seconds?
Good Luck and Good Shooting!