Abilene Bowhunters association

A.B.A Keeping The Tradition Alive

Abilene Bowhunters Association has been in existence for 40+ years. The association has a history of many championship shooters. The Range is 200+ acres of fine West Texas oaks and cedar trees secluded in the beautiful hills south of Abilene. It is considered one of the finest facilities in the state. 

 Club shoots are scheduled for the third weekend of each month January thru June, with a lay off in July and August, then our last shoot in September. 

 We have a practice range with targets at known distances for sighting in your bow. We have a concession stand that is open during our shoots for drinks and snacks. We have picnic tables, new rest rooms, water, and a small area for primitive camping during tournaments.


Our monthly club shoots consist of shooting two of our four courses; each course contains 15 different life-sized 3-D animal targets placed along the wooded trails that wander along thru the hills. The animals are placed in real life poses to simulate real hunting shots that you would encounter in the wild. Each month the animals are changed to keep your shoot exciting and different. Each shooter will have a score card to score each target and can be turned in at the end of the shoot. Members that shoot at least five of the monthly shoots are eligible for a year end trophy. There are different classes for all skill levels and ages, from young to not so young, from traditional to
compound equipment. Fun for everyone at any level.




We have different State and National shoots from year to year, with pro and amateur shooters coming in from all across the country. Shooters of any age are welcome to come anytime to enjoy the range, we are a family oriented club.